Aiming for Realistic Weight Loss Goals

Starting A New Diet... Making The Decision Is The First step
Starting A New Diet… Making The Decision Is The First step
The worst thing you could possibly do when starting a new diet is set unrealistic goals for yourself. Unless you want to set yourself up for failure right from the start, you need to be more realistic about these things. Nobody can hit crazy weight loss goals in a healthy way, so don’t make yourself give up on your diet before you ever get anywhere. Be careful about what you get yourself into, and focus on doing these three things before you start on any diet to make sure you can stick to it and hit every goal you set for yourself.

Pick a Goal Weight

Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals
Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals
Figure out what your weight is now, and then set a goal weight from there. To start out with, don’t go crazy. Pick a goal weight that’s about fifty at most down from where you are currently. This makes things much easier to accomplish. People who aspire to lose a hundred off their current weight are just setting themselves up for defeat, and unless they have a personal trainer to work with, very rarely meet that goal. You’re smarter than that. Keep in mind that after you lose that weight, you can always set another goal to meet. Doing it in chunks makes it seem like a much more manageable feat.

Plan a Timeline

A Healthy Diet Plan Is Crucial
A Healthy Diet Plan Is Crucial
After you set a goal weight to hit, plan out the timeline for your weight loss. Spread it out over the course of a year or so, because to be healthy you shouldn’t be dropping more than three to five pounds per week. A lot of diets claim that they can help you drop ten pounds in a week, but that’s not healthy at all. Ideally the weight loss would be spread out over a long period of time, because in that time you’ll learn how to do everything in a healthy way instead of rushing to lose weight fast. People who lose weight too quickly have a nasty habit of not being able to keep it off, and are usually involved in rollercoaster weight gain that they can’t keep control of. You’ll slim down slower, but ultimately will be able to keep it off permanently.

Create a Realistic Diet Plan

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal In A Healthy Way
Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal In A Healthy Way
Last, don’t go crazy with the diet plan. For starters, don’t take away your favorite foods right off the bat. Quitting cold turkey like that will only lead to you caving later because your body is craving those foods. Instead, wean yourself off them slowly. Let yourself have the real thing at the start, and then make substitutes instead that are healthier. Over time, your body won’t even miss the unhealthy foods you used to love so much. Also don’t try to jump into any crazy diets right off the bat. Things like raw diets and liquid diets take a very experience dieter, and you won’t be able to stick to it on a long-term basis if you don’t get yourself used to it slowly first. Don’t force too much exercise on yourself, either. That’ll just end in you getting injured instead of getting the results you want. Get used to working out, feel out your limits, and go from there. Focus on doing sets of lighter weights instead of lifting as much as you possibly can, too. You’ll build muscle better that way, and will be way less likely to get injured.

4 Ways to save Money and Still Hang Fine Art in Your Home

Hang Fine Unexpensive Art In Your Home
Hang Fine Unexpensive Art In Your Home

Investing in original art work is a much better plan than buying reproductions of famous paintings or other generic decor. There are lots of working artists in the world who would be honored to have their work hanging in your home. Their prices are also reasonable, but sometimes paintings and other works can be in the thousands of dollars, which many people can’t afford. There are alternatives to outright buying a large painting, though, that can make original art affordable. It’s always good to support an artist about whose work you’re passionate, because it also allows them to continue making art. Here are four ways that you can have original art work in your home without bankrupting yourself in the process.

Buying Directly from the Artist

The best way to acquire fine art work for your own personal collection is to buy work directly from the artist. Artists are often willing to show interested patrons and buyers their studio. This is especially true for artists working in smaller areas or are very young. You can get some great deals on very nice art from younger artists who are eager to sell their work. It’s not that you’re ripping them off, because they know a lot about the art market. They set their own prices, but because they’re new and their work isn’t yet in demand, they’ll probably cut you a deal. You can even find art work at student art shows and exhibitions.

Finding High Quality Prints Online

Some Artist Sell Their Work Online
Some Artist Sell Their Work Online

Another route to go is to find quality art prints online. There are sites designed specifically as a platform for artists to sell their work. The ability for artists to promote their art work has grown much easier with the advent of the Internet. The ability for artists to connect to potential collectors like you is a great boon to their attempt at exposure. The best part of shopping for art online, though, is that you’ll also come across a wide variety of prints. Prints are not copies or reproductions, but rather, original works of art in and of themselves that are signed and approved by the artist. You can find prints being sold directly through an artist’s online store, or on gallery websites that specialize in digital archival pigment prints.

Arts and Crafts Fairs

You can find some excellent art work for cheap when you attend any local arts and crafts fairs. Artists will regularly frequent these events, as it gives them an opportunity to show their work. This is especially true if you live in a smaller community. You may even run into someone you know that you weren’t aware was an artist and fall in love with their work. That’s the beauty of arts and crafts fairs. Artist will also sell prints of their work at these fairs, which is much more affordable than buying an original painting. Nevertheless, one of the best places to get a deal on an original piece of art is at a craft fair.

Special Incentives for Events

Attend To Some Special Benefits Or Gala
Attend A Special Benefit Or Gala

Occasionally, if you attend any special benefits or galas, art work will come included with the ticket price. This is especially true if you ever frequent any arts fundraisers. For the price of a gala ticket, for example, one of the perks that comes with it might be a print of your selection. This value is actually very great because you’d be paying far more for the print itself than what you did for just the ticket. Trying searching around for events that you want to attend that also offer art work as an incentive to buy a ticket. It doesn’t have to be something so formal as a gala event, but you can find other types of fundraisers where art is one of the giveaways. Silent auctions for charity are also another great way to find high quality art when you’re paying a fraction of the price you would in a commercial gallery.

Hygiene Tips You Must Remember

No One Likes A Guy Who Smell Bad
No One Likes A Guy Who Smells Bad
When it comes to really standing out of a crowd, you need to make sure that you’ve got good hygiene. These are the kinds of tips that are really going to make a difference when you want to go courting a woman, and that’s the kind of thing that’s definitely going to make her remember you and not want to shove you away and make you leave forever. Keep this in mind, and you’ll certainly have a better chance with every other woman that you want to meet, too. It’s just basic hygiene at the end of the day.

Deodorant, Always

Deodorant is something that you always need to wear–no ifs, ands, or buts. Skipping out on something like this is absolutely unforgivable, and if you ever show up on a date without wearing something like this, we really do hope that she whacks you over the head with her purse. You don’t want to smell like man stank, as it’s really just going to end up turning her off in every single way. Remember this, and be careful about making sure that you always put this on before you go out to see her.

Wash Your Hair

Wash Your Hair When Taking A Shower
Wash Your Hair When Taking A Shower
Taking a shower should be pretty damn basic, but you’d be surprised how many men out there just really don’t know what they’re doing in this regard. You need to make sure that you can actually end up washing your hair thoroughly, and even more so if it’s very long. You don’t want to end up showing up and looking like a total pot of grease, as that’s really not as sexy as the boys of Lord of the Rings want you to think it is. It’s just not cute, and it’s really not going to win her over.

Check Your Nails

Keep Them Clean
Keep Them Clean
Checking your nails is a little known technique for watching your grooming. This is something that’s really going to show that you know how to take care of yourself, however, especially if you tend to work with your hands all day. Picking out the dirt from underneath your nails and clipping them to a respectable length is definitely going to make you have much nicer hands to hold, and it’s going to make her realize that you have a lot more to offer than just a pretty face in the bedroom or out of it.

Trim That Hair

If you’ve got long nose hair, trim it. If you have long hair in some really strange places, trim that, too. Basically, you just need to trim your hair. Looking groomed and nice is a huge part of your hygiene, and it’s going to make her a lot more willing to end up close to you in general. If you can’t do this much, then you’re going to really end up failing this basic part of hygiene, which is really not something that anyone’s ever going to want you to do. Take the time to trim up your hair in all those odd places, and she’s going to love it just as much as you will.

Easy and Inexpensive File Sharing Services

File Sharing Services
File Sharing Services Can Be Cheap & Easy
It’s nice to have your files all neat and squared away in one place. However, these days, it’s also nice to have them neat and squared away in two or three other places as well. It’s not just about backing up files so you don’t lose them, it’s about making sure you have access to the files you need no matter where you are and in some cases, sharing files across multiple computers with business partners, family, or friends. All of the best file sharing services are secure and easy to use, eliminating any doubts or concerns may consumers have about the safety and privacy of their data. There are several services that will give you just what you need and they all offer basic accounts for free, and given that they are all very similar to each other in design and function, the decision about which one to use is a matter of personal preference and price depending on what you need for personal or business storage.


Access Your Files, Wherever You Are
Access Your Files, Wherever You Are
The preferred method of file sharing between multiple computers, Dropbox can serve as a personal backup system for the average consumer, who should be just fine with the 2.5 GB of storage space that a basic and free Dropbox account gets you, but also has upgradeable options for business. Are you the manager of a freelance project who needs a way to have the members of your group turn in assignments? Dropbox could be just what you’re looking for. With the option of web upload, a folder that can be downloaded to a computer and apps that work with box Android and iPhone, this is the easiest to use out of all of the file sharing services in addition to being the newest, a fact that does not go unnoticed by many program pioneers.


Unlike Dropbox, a basic and free Box account will allow you to store up to 10 GB of files. After that, the options range from 100 GB of storage for $10 per month or a basic Business account for $15 per month per user. This site also offers apps for phones as well as a downloadable folder that automatically syncs with the website as long as you have an Internet connection. Box is one of the more expensive file sharing options, but is preferred by many businesses for its design and specific features like OpenBox, which connects the Box service to media on a variety of other websites ranging from Twitter to Picnik.


All Your Media, Anywhere You Go
All Your Media, Anywhere You Go
Another service similar to Dropbox and Box, Mediafire offers 50 GB of storage when a user signs up for a basic account. It does offer a mobile app much like the others, and is an excellent way to store media such as photos and videos and watch them on any web browser you can sign into the service on. Mediafire is commonly recognized as being a better option for storage and backup, whereas Dropbox and Box are credited with being excellent for file sharing.

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